Day of Events

Top floor events include: Kid's Corner, Educational (and fun) Displays, and the Visitor Check In (where you get a chance to participate in our free raffle)

Bottom floor events include: Mini-workshops featuring by Local presenters and running about 30 minutes, HCE's pie station, SCAA's Encore!!Art show, and one of the places you can grab a sandwich.  

All events are free to the public.

In our own hometown, we have author Elise Moser

Elise Moser will join us this Earth Day. She's been with us before, but not quite like this. Not only can you talk to her, and buy her book, you can also join her in the Rock Springs Library for a talk about the book. In the meantime we've collected a couple links for you to investigate.

Anansi Publishing description

Kirkus Reviews

QWF writes, a column by Elise Moser on writing this book

I believe, if you are quick, you can catch her at the Prairie du Sac Library on Saturday and in Rock Springs on Sunday!


Bring your cameras and your questions about taking pictures of the outdoors! We’ll talk briefly about manual camera controls, lighting, composition, and being flexible to get the most from your environment and weather conditions. The majority of the workshop will be outside using our cameras and taking pictures. Spring weather can be unpredictable, so dress for the weather that day – we’ll be outside rain or shine!

Our second workshop will help you better understand some of the information covered in the first workshop.

You will be able to build your own solar bug.  We have 45 bugs, so get there early!

Ken Lange, retired DNR naturalist, will lead two hikes in Ableman's Gorge on Sunday.

The first hike starts at 9:30 am at the Gorge and should take about an hour.

The second hike starts at 1:30 pm at the Gorge.

From the DNR:

Ableman's Gorge is a classic gorge cut by the Baraboo River through Baraboo quartzite, Cambrian sandstone, and conglomerate. The cliffs and rocky slopes rise about 200 feet above the river to form a wall nearly three-fourths of a mile long, oriented east-west, which then abruptly turns south for a similar distance. The latter portion

Ever been curious about living with generating your own electricity?

A short description of a solar electric system, how it works, what it costs (approximately), followed by longer discussion of pluses and minuses of living off the utility power grid. Scott Weber of Bluestem Farms will be joined by Sarah Lampman, who has a hybrid system with battery storage plus connection to a utility as a backup.  Bluestem Farms has been living off grid for 27 years with solar panels, battery storage, and a generator backup.