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Since 2009, our partner organization, Sauk County Art Association, has held their annual recycled materials art show. This show encourages entrants to create something wonderful from stuff that would go to waste otherwise. Artwork is delivered either the day before Earth Day Celebration or early in the morning of. Any one can enter, adults, students, artists, creative people.

Often, the pieces are moved over to the Schwalbach gallery at the UW-Baraboo Campus for a month long show!


Come, eat pie, take one home

Look at those pies!  'Nuff said, right?

Well, actually, we are proud of the years that the HCE ladies have given us with their homemade pie fund-raiser. 

The members of HCE have done quite a bit to support the folks in Sauk County over the years and not just with pies. Their two best known projects are Wisconsin Bookworks, a program to get books into the hands of children who need them, and the newly renamed program, Lynn's Legacy, which gives gift bags of supplies to patients with weakened immune systems. Support HCE!

It's also important to note that Lynn was a supporter of Sauk County Earth Day Celebration. She worked countless hours making this event a success.  

Support This Celebration: Sport a New t-Shirt

One of the ways you can support the Sauk County Earth Day Celebration is to purchase, and proudly wear, an Earth Day t-Shirt. With Earth Day on the front and Sauk Prairie River PAL on the back, you will be making a statement.

t-Shirts are available in adult sizes from S to XXL and can be purchased from Sauk Prairie River PAL's table at Sauk County Earth Day Celebration. The shirts are $15 each and are 100% cotton.


t-shirt design back
Back of t-Shirt

Each year we meet to discuss what the focus of the next event will be. It can be a challenging discussion, sometimes it's easy to decide, sometimes it takes a bit of thinking and exploring. Always, our goal is to provide you with an interesting subject that will help you better understand the issue and give you some ideas on how you can help out.

We are happy to let you know that this year we've settled on Bees and Birds,  but not just any bees, specifically on native bees and the other pollinators that live in our yards, fields and parks.

These hard working insects are the way we get some of the food we love to eat.

You've probably heard about honeybees being challenged. Maybe not so much about native bees. 

You are invited to join us at Sauk County Earth Day Celebration to explore our native pollinators!